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Dec 20

Frohe Festtage | Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings from the spectra team.

This year we go green: we have chosen grass paper cards made from 50 % green cuttings. Instead of sending out Christmas presents we support the tree donation campaign of the city of Bad Kreuznach as a little contribution to climate protection.

Oct 20

BPC Opinions on ADBAC/BKC and DDAC in PT3 and PT4

In the last meeting beginning of October, the ECHA Biocidal Products Committee adopted the BPC Opinions on the active substances ADBAC/BKC and DDAC in product types 3 and 4. While the Commission decision is still pending, the date of approval is expected to be in around two years, i.e. end of 2022. So, the clock starts ticking: get ready for preparation of your biocidal product dossiers!

Sep 01

Non-postponement of the applicability of Annex VIII to CLP (poison centre notifications)

On 31 August 2020, the Commission adopted two Delegated Regulations on Annex VIII to CLP, addressing concerns regarding workability of information requirements. The two Regulations are expected to be published in the Official Journal and to enter into force at the beginning of November 2020.

Prior to the adoption of the Delegated Regulations, a consultation was held. The vast majority of the comments concerned a request to postpone the first compliance date of 1 January 2021 especially by industry stakeholders. Commission acknowledged the implications caused by Covid-19, however, considered that a postponement of the compliance date is not warranted.

Thus, the applicability date for poison centre notifications (PCNs) for mixtures which did not benefit from the transition period (1 January 2025) will remain the 1 January 2021 for mixtures for consumer and professional use.

spectra is ready to support your company with your poison centre notifications. Feel free to get into contact with us.

Jun 10

EU countries report illegal and ineffective disinfectants on the market during Covid19

ECHA makes aware in its recent news (ECHA/NR/20/17) that EU member states noted an increase of illegal and ineffective disinfectants due to COVID-19 pandemic. New suppliers and producers to the market of (hand) disinfectants may not have the sound knowledge of the legal framework nor experience in production of effective disinfectants. Member states found many products that are ineffective due to an insufficient concentration of active substance or that were not labelled correctly – both can pose a risk to human health. Read the full article here.

We at SPECTRA are ready to support you to ensure your compliance with the legal requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us.

May 19

Update on Poison Centre Notifications

In preparation of the upcoming deadline for poison centre notifications (PCN) in January 2021, ECHA published an updated guidance document on CLP Annex VIII. Version 3 of this guidance document clarifies inter alia labelling and SDS requirements and information requirements for mixtures in mixtures (MiMs). The guidance document can be downloaded from the ECHA website https://echa.europa.eu/guidance-documents/guidance-on-clp.

SPECTRA is ready to support you with PCNs – just contact us!

Apr 21

Maren qualified as European Registered Toxicologist (ERT)

Mission accomplished: Maren qualified as European Registered Toxicologist (ERT). Congratulations!

The exam of the German Society for Toxicology is much-feared as it is one of the most challenging in Europe. We at spectra are very proud having such highly self-motivated and qualified members in our team.

Apr 16

spectra participates in the Biocides Symposium on 26-28 May 2020

We were all looking forward to traveling to Copenhagen to attend the Biocides Symposium 2020 – but due to the current situation plans have changed. Chemical Watch switched this year’s symposium to a virtual meeting and as a consequence of this re-scheduled the program.

spectra accepted the challenge and stepped in at short notice to complement the program: Silvia will speak about the options for product authorisations under BPR from a consultant point of view.

For the full programme please visit the Chemical Watch website.

Mar 25

ECHA is speeding up the supply of disinfectants

ECHA takes action to support companies and Member State authorities to facilitate placing on the market disinfectants. Therefore, ECHA has compiled relevant data and published lists for active substances and products used as disinfectants to provide better access to this crucial information.

ECHA advises companies to apply for permission from the relevant national authority using the public health danger provision of the BPR (Article 55(1)). In first instance a national authority can permit, for a period not exceeding 180 days, the making available on the market of a biocidal product to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, ECHA and the European Commission are working on special arrangements to allow flexibility for companies to meet ECHA deadlines which may be quite challenging in the current situation.

Mar 18

COVID-19: spectra stays operational

spectra stays operational despite corona crisis.

Fortunately, all our employees are still feeling well. To avoid any risk of infection for them and their families and to help flatten the curve, we decided to work from home.

We just packed and are ready to leave. You can reach us via our usual contact details.

Stay healthy!

Mar 17

ECHA conclusion on active substances and Union authorisations

BPC adopted three opinions supporting the approval of two active substances in the review program in PT 2, 3 and 4: Glyoxal and Reaction mass of Peracetic Acid and Peroxyoctanoic Acid. Although the final voting of the Standing Committee is pending, it is time to start thinking about your biocidal product authorisations.

In parallel, BPC adopted opinions on four Union authorisations, including one proposal for non-approval of a Hydrogen peroxide-based product family. Having gone through the process with several applicants, we are well aware that it is not trivial to meet all requirements and to do so often on short notice.

If you need support with your BPR product authorisations – be it for new dossiers or applications already in the process – you may profit from our experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Feb 18

Compensation of carbon footprint 2019

As a consultant we are traveling to meet our clients, attend conferences or participate in working group meetings at ECHA premises in Helsinki. When preparing our travels, we opt for climate friendly transport, however, it is not always possible to avoid flights. We set ourselves the goal to cut down our carbon footprint to a minimum and thus compensated for the 11,478 kg CO2 emissions caused by our flights in 2019 via atmosfair. Follow us for regular updates on our progress in reducing SPECTRA’s carbon footprint!

Dec 06

Biocides Europe 2019 (3-4 Dec. 2019)

Back in the office after three wonderful days in Vienna. Our thanks go to ChemicalWatch for organising this high-quality event and to all speakers for granting insight into the current challenges with Biocides.

Nov 20

Biocides Europe 2019 (3-4 Dec. 2019)

spectra’s presentation for the Biocides Europe conference 2019 is ready! We are looking forward to an interesting programme and lively discussions, and of course to meeting you in Vienna beginning of December.